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  • Wow! This is something different!
    We have been organizing this workshop since 2017 - previously under the name 'the full monty' - and we whole heartly believe in the process! You will receive the full attention of the best photographers and teachers in the industry, in a setting that is unique working on a meaningful, impactful assignment. Each group consists of two mentors and a maximum of six students, so that there is as much personal attention as possible. The workshop mentors all have been through the workshop process themselves and are fully committed to make this your best learning experience ever.
  • Can I use my assignment for my portfolio?
    When selecting the assignments, we really try to push for the freedom to use the work for personal portfolio or even publication. So your work will not only be limited to the workshop but has the potential to develop into a personal project. In some cases, due to sensitivity this is something to discuss with the subject, but as a workshop we will certainly advocate for that.
  • What kind of assignment can I expect?
    With this workshop we will not only invest in your personal development, we also like to contribute to the City of Rotterdam. Therefore, all assignments will have a social character and will be meaningful for the person or organization attached to it. Assignments therefore can be out of your normal life and therefore comfort zone. Before the start of the workshop we will screen your needs and make sure you get an assignment best suited for your development.
  • What level should my photography be to participate?
    Students should already be comfortable to use their camera in different, sometimes challenging situations. During the workshop we will focus on storytelling, creating impact, not so much on technique. It is a workshop for photographers that already have been doing weddings for over ten years and are ready to shake things up and beginners with only a few years experience.
  • What equipment should I bring to the workshop.
    One camera and 35mm lens should be your go-to set for the week. Lots of SD-cards, chargers and a laptop for editing. You can leave your flashes and magmod at home.
  • Can I attend for only a few days?
    No. We strongly belief in the process of this workshop. The five days are needed to really embrace that process and making this experience an impactful one on your development as a photographer. We know five days away from home can be a challenge, but we truly believe that photographers willing to make this investment will be fully open to the experience.
  • At which locations will the workshop be given?
    We stay at a shared location in Reeuwijk and you sleep 2 people in 1 room. All assignments take place in Rotterdam and the surrounding area.
  • Where will the workshop be held?
    All assignments will take place in Rotterdam. We will stay in a house together just outside Rotterdam where a private chef will make sure we are fed well to go out to our assignments.
  • Where can I find the privacy statement?
    Good thing you asked. Our privacy statement is included in Isabelle Hattink's statement and can be read here.
  • Who took the photos on your site?
    Most photos were taken by our regular photographer during the workshop: Babet Trommelen. Other photos were taken by Sander van Mierlo, Amanda Drost, Ahsvin Ghisyawan, Ditta van Gent and Joost Colenbrander.
  • How do I get to the workshop?
    You can either fly to Amsterdam and take a rental car or train or fly into Rotterdam Airport. We advise you to arrive early on Monday and leave Friday late afternoon.


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