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Monday October 28 - Sunday November 1, 2024

Location: Rotterdam

Number of students: 12

The heart of Rotterdam will be the backdrop for your deep dive into your photography. 

For five days you will be intensively guided by two teachers, together with a group of fellow photographers. You will leave your comfort zone and shoot on location, with constant support from your mentors. The assignments are carefully chosen by us and will be the perfect starting point to develop your own personal story.  


We believe in learning away from home. And are aware of the investment of being away, leaving your daily life and care behind you. But we 100% believe it’s not only worthed, but also much needed. That’s why we only offer NO GUTS NO STORIES as a five-day course. During these days we will create this amazing pressure cooker that will bring your thoughts and beliefs to the surface and help you overcome your own personal obstacles.

Overnight accommodation is included near Rotterdam, the city were the assignments will take place. During the workshop all catering is included. We will provide you with a healthy breakfast, lunch to-go and dinner.

A workshop in Rotterdam isn’t complete without a closing party. You are in for a surprise on the last evening and a few other surprises over the course of the week that we will keep to ourselves for now. 


Transport to and from Rotterdam is not included.


Regular: €3950 ex. VAT

Or  5 monthly payments of 800 euro from May – September


Intensive guidance by two experienced teachers


Luxurious location

(2 pax. per room)



Healthy breakfast, lunch to-go and dinner included



A small group of like-minded souls




On Monday you will arrive in Rotterdam. At 4pm we will start with a joined activity, a meet and greet with the group and the teachers. The assignments will be hand-out as well.


This day will all be about getting to know each other, sharing the logistics of the week and making yourself comfortable. Well, not too much ;-)



This will be the first day shooting on assignment. You will start early and meet your subject. All day today you will work on your assignment in Rotterdam. All assignments will have a social character and have been selected for the student.


During the day we encourage you to find the story within the assignment handed to you. Your personal mentor will visit you throughout the day and help you and give feedback If necessary.

At the end of the day, you will – together with your group - go through your images and receive feedback from your mentor. During these sessions you will not only learn from your own work but also the work of your fellow students. A part of the workshop that has been rated as extremely valuable.  


Today you return to your assignment for another full day of photography. Today you will use the tips your received during the feedback session and work further on developing your story.


At the end of the day you will critique your work together with your group and mentor. 



Today is culling and editing day! We will start working on the story of your assignment. Which darlings will be killed, which will make it to the final selection? Goal of today is to create a final slideshow that tells the story of your assignment. Your mentors are there for 1-on-1’s and will help you through this final process. 

At the end of the day the slideshows will be presented. 

Get ready to take the stage and embrace yourself with a big round of applause to close your assignment with. After the presentations it’s time for the final party!  


We start the last day of this amazing week with a joined breakfast. It’s time to say goodbye, share your final thoughts and give away some big hugs.


It’s time to go back home and leave the amazing people you have met behind you. We know that it’s going to be a tough moment, but we’re there for extra hugs!




The costs of the NO GUTS NO STORIES workshop is € 3950 or 800 euro per month*


This includes: 

  • A five-day photography journey with the best photojournalistic teachers

  • A life and photography changing experience in a hidden gem in Europe.

  • Accommodation and food included all five days

  • Lifelong new friendships with fellow students

  • Access to the special No Guts No Stories WhatsApp group containing exclusive content

​*When subscribing to our workshop you can choose to fulfill the full amount of 3950,- euro in once or pay a monthly fee of 800 euro per month. *The monthly fee’s are send out from May – September. All payment needs to be due before the start of the workshop. .

We work with a small group with a maximum number of students making sure you get the full attention and guidance you need throughout this process.


Students from the Netherlands can qualify for the PPO-fund which can save up to  1/3 of the costs. Requesting this funding needs to be done by the student, No Guts No Stories can only help and advice and is not responsible for acquiring the PPO. 



Tickets available now


excluding sales tax.

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