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October 28 - November 1

Rotterdam, The Netherlands

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No Guts No Stories

NO GUTS NO STORIES is the most intensive and personal photography workshop for documentary wedding and family photographers. The workshop goes beyond capturing beautiful images or learning a certain technique. This workshop is all about finding your voice as a photographer. Learning what drives you, and how to create those meaningful and impactful images for you and you clients. ​We do this in an environment within the social domain were we not only contribute to the growth of our students, but also make a social impact


By stepping out of your comfort zone open yourself up to feedback, you learn to look and photograph in a different way. It's about seeing, feeling and translating that into meaningful images that will make a lifelong impact. This workshop offers a unique opportunity to take a deep dive into your creative journey as a photographer, a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

For five days you and a group of likeminded photographers will be guided intensively by two teachers. During this week you will be handed an assignment, that we know will help you leave your comfort zone. This all under the guidance and support of your mentors and your fellow students.


During these five days you will not only connect with yourself, but also with an amazing group of fellow photographers. Building friendships that will last a lifetime. We firmly believe that growing together, in a safe and stimulating environment will make sure you get the best out of this experience. Trust our former students: there will be a photographer before NO GUTS NO STORIES and a new one afterwards. 

Take a look at the program and register now. This is the five day workshop you have always wanted! 

Are you ready to:

  • Break out of your comfort zone.

  • Become aware of your blind spots.

  • Find out your true potential.

  • Learn to trust your own voice.

  • Get rid of tricks and safe shots

  • Make truly authentic work.

  • Feel proud and worthy of your work

  • Embrace your own uniqueness and translate that into your photography

Then this is the workshop for you!


During the course of No Guts No Stories we focus on bringing out the talent within you. Together we tackle your blind spots and break through the thoughts and beliefs that stand in your way. This workshop is a launching pad for ambitious photographers who want to make their mark in the world of documentary and photojournalistic wedding photography.


You know your technique and your set-ups, but you have this deep feeling that there is something missing. A certain level of emotion in your images. If you feel this, but don’t have the tools to make that next step: we are here for you! 

" This is the workshop that provides the best kick-start in your career as a documentary wedding photographer"


During NO GUTS NO STORIES YOU will be intensively guided by a team of two talented teachers. 

Isabelle Hattink

More is More


The more complex an image, the more people, humor and chaos, the more challenging it is for Isabelle, the more she loves is. Isabelle teaches you to see stories in chaos and to visualize this complexity.


Striving for perfection


Finding the balance between composition, light and emotion; in search of the perfection in the imperfection that is what Yves is all about.

Linda Bouritius

The Deep Dive


As a photographer, Linda often takes the plunge, purely intuitively, and therefore goes for maximum impact. Linda knows how to get the best out of you by really diving deep in the safest way possible.


I See You


Philippe sees people, their character translated into a photograph. He teaches you to see, to see differently, and with all the calmness he possesses, to observe you in tranquility and work on your photos.



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